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Tim Jewell

"I was given my first shotgun at the age of 12. I quail hunted with my Papa and my Dad, till I was old enough to hunt on my own. I was introduced to sporting clays by a good friend and I was hooked. I have for the most part taught myself, and I've had a lot of help in the past few years from Bill McGuire who I consider a great friend. My Dad and I run a small Gun Club near Beech Grove, Ky. I started working for the Moore Automotive Team in 1983 and now I'm the Fixed Operations Director of over 5 Locations."

Tina Jewell
K-80 Tina.jpg
  • First time making all American was in 1997.  I have 21 All-American patches to date, plus 2 Team USA and 2 FITASC patches.

  • 1998 ladies 5-stand champ at Nationals

  • 2000 Ladies Ru at Nationals

  • 2010 Lady Fitasc Champ

  • 11x lady Champ Indiana

  • 12x Lady \Champ of Kentucky

K-80 Tina.jpg

Shooting Instruction is available by Appointment

$100.00 Per Hour


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